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With their striking combination of black metallic paint and brushed front faces, the 16“ light alloy wheel URSUS really stand out, while at the same time letting the attractive design of the fourth-generation ŠKODA FABIA really shine.
With low, optimally distributed weight, these light alloy wheels help to make the most of the FABIA‘s finely tuned chassis. The alloy wheels also reduce unsprung weight, contributing to even better handling.
The aluminium wheels also impress with their quality and durability. They have undergone a battery of rigorous tests to confirm their durability and safety. They are manufactured as a single piece from aluminium alloy, which is then finally coated with a thin layer of extremely hard, heat-resistant paint.
The suitability of these wheels for a specific car must be confirmed using the car’s documentation.
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Cover for the complete set of wheels 000 073 900L
Locking Wheel Bolts 000 071 597C
Wheel rim cleaning gel 000 096 304C
Material: Light metal alloy
Color: Black metallic, brushed
Attention: Can not be used with snow chains.
Instalation time: 40 TUs
Set contents: Light alloy wheel, ŠKODA centre cap, fitting instructions.
Wheel dimensions: 6J x 16“ ET 45
Tyres: 195/55
Maintenance: Wheel rim cleaning gel 000 096 304C. Don’t use abrasive cleaners, solvents or wire cloth.
Guarantee: 24 months
Weight: 8.8 kg

16” alloy wheel URSUS - black metallic, brushed

SKU: 6VA071496A FL8
247,95 €Price
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  • Common household detergents. Do not use abrasive cleaners or solvents.
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