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Ski sack
The ski sack is a useful accessory for your winter sporting adventures. It is a practical case for protecting your skis from being scratched. The sack also prevents other items being transported alongside your skis in the luggage compartment, as well as the rear seats, from getting wet. Depending on the type of bindings, the sack can accommodate 4 pairs of skis, up to a maximum weight of 24 kg.
Fold forward the armrest (including the cover in the middle rear seat back) and place the empty sack onto it, ensuring that the end of the sack with the zip fastener is in the luggage compartment. Store.the skis and ski poles in the sack in accordance with the diagram on the sack, i.e. with the pointed ends of the skis pointing forwards, and the ski poles placed between the skis with the pointed ends of the poles pointing towards the rear. Close the filled sack using the zip. Secure the sack in position using the strap as follows. Place the strap around the skis (the strap must be tensioned around all skis in front of the ski bindings – see the diagram on the sack) and pull the free ends of the strap to tighten. Fold the middle rear seat back forwards slightly. Pass the strap through the opening in the seat back towards the vehicle‘s luggage compartment and then pull it back around the upper part of the seat back. Open up the middle seat back into an upright position again until the locking knob clicks into place. Insert the tongue at the end of the strap into the buckle on the ski sack‘s strap until it audibly clicks into place.
The sack is made of water-resistant, wipe-clean material, with waterproof seams and a handy pocket for storing small items. The sack has two hard-wearing straps to make it easy and comfortable to carry when it is being used to transport your skis outside of the vehicle. The ski sack has passed all of ŠKODA‘s safety tests, as well as the crash test.
Color: Black
Material: Waterproof fabric.
Instalation time: 20 TUs
OCTAVIA (1Z, 5E, NX), SUPERB (3T, 3V), RAPID (NH) – only for vehicles that have a fold-down armrest in the rear seat back.
KAROQ (NU) – only for vehicles with standard rear seats with a fold-down armrest.
Set contents: Ski sack, instructions for use, fitting instructions.
Dimensions: 1950 mm x 395 mm x 200 mm
Load capacity: 24 kg
Fastening: Secure using the tongue at the end of the strap and the buckle for the middle rear seat back. A detailed description can be found in the Owner‘s Manual.
Weight: 24 kg
Maintenance: Do not wash or clean with chemicals; when not using the sack, dry it and store it in a dry place.
Guarantee: 24 months. Does not apply to signs of normal wear and tear.

Ski sack for the car

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