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Charging port cover
Provide your ENYAQ iV electric SUV with protection against the weather during charging. Just place this charging port cover from the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories range around the car’s AC connector. This will prevent snow and dirt from getting into the charging port, helping you to keep it clean even when the weather is bad.
Installation is simple, thanks to the double-push mechanism, which makes it easy to secure the cover to the charging door lock mechanism with a simple push. In addition, the cover is fitted with a lens that allows you to easily watch the charging status even with the cover on.
The cover is manufactured from high-quality TPE material and is designed only for AC cables. Do not use when charging with a DC cable. Any slight leak around AC connectors from other manufacturers is not considered to be a failure and is not a reason for a warranty claim.
Note: The cover does not provide water-tight insulation of the charging port. The shield above the connector aperture prevents water from entering the connector itself. The cover is only designed for protection during the charging process. When charging is complete, the cover should be removed, stowed away and the port closed.
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Material: cover: TPE (SEBS), len: PMMA
Color: Dark grey
Set contents: Charging port cover, fitting instructions. Installation position: Charging port.
Guarantee: 24 months.
Weight: 0.197 kg

Charging port cover for Enyaq iV

SKU: 5LA054410
12,10 €Price
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