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There are times when even the large luggage compartment of ŠKODA FABIA isn’t enough. A trailer is one solution for transporting even the largest, most unwieldy items. If you frequently tow a trailer and don’t want to keep mounting and removing it again all the time, the non-removable tow bar is the solution for you. The tow bar is made of high-quality materials and, like all ŠKODA Genuine Accessories, has been through rigorous testing, which confirmed its top-notch functionality and durability. Naturally, it also conforms to the E8*55R02/00*13230*00 homologation norm.
In the case of the non-removable tow bar, the tow hitch is fixed to the tow bar’s cross-beam with two bolts (can be dismounted if needed).
When travelling abroad with a non-removable tow-bar without a trailer attached, it is always necessary to comply with the laws of the country in question.
Retrofitting of the tow bar also increases the demands on the car’s cooling system. That’s why it is, depending on the car’s specification, necessary to replace parts of the cooling system, referring to the information that is available to the service technician at your ŠKODA AUTO service partner or at the B2B portal.
The electrical wiring set is not included and must be ordered separately:
– for vehicles set up for a tow bar 6VE 055 202B
(contains control unit 5H0 907 383C)
– for vehicles not set up for a tow bar 6VE 055 202B + 6VE 055 204
For fitting, the following items must also be ordered from the ŠKODA Genuine Components catalogue: for vehicles not equipped with a control unit for the shock absorbers (PR-5H0), must be ordered separately: 654 971 362 cover for securing the control unit.
Associated products:
Towbar bicycle rack for 2 bicycles LHD 000 071 105F
Towbar bicycle rack for 3 bicycles LHD 000 071 105P
Tow bar adapter EAZ 000 001A
Material: High-quality steel, plastic
Attention: Exclusively for the basic model of left-hand drive ŠKODA FABIA (PJ) vehicles.
Installation time:
250 TUs for vehicles set up for a tow bar
420 TUs for vehicles without a tow bar preparation
(+ 120 TUs for removing and installing the reducing agent tank, including draining and filling the tank).
+ TUs in accordance with the diagnostics log.
Not suitable for:
- ŠKODA FABIA (NJ) Monte Carlo;
- Decorative rear bumper strip - chromed 6VE 071 004;
- cars exported to Australia.
Cannot be retrofitted on cars manufactured from CW 05/2024.
Set contents: Tow bar, bolts (4x), tow ball cover, fitting instructions.
Dimensions: 1,030 x 600 mm.
Maximum towing capacity – the weight limit for the braked/unbraked trailer is stated in the car’s documents.
Maximum vertical load: 75 kg
The values always depend on the technical specifications of the car in question.
Guarantee: 24 months.
Considering the assembly/disassembly requirements of this product and the subsequent activation of the tow bar (the 5-digit code for which is found in the ETKA parts catalogue), we recommend that the installation is completed by a ŠKODA AUTO authorized service partner.
Weight: 17 kg

Fixed Tow bar - Fabia IV

SKU: 6VE092101
326,30 €Price
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