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Do I really need a „foldable“ snow shovel? You may only need it a few times a year, but it can save you a whole load of unnecessary hassle. In the event of heavy snowfall during the winter months, unexpected situations may take you by surprise (for example, finding yourself blocked in by a snowdrift, the vehicle becoming „buried“ when you try to drive off, etc.). In scenarios like this, the shovel can come in extremely useful. When driving at high altitudes, this collapsible (three-part) snow shovel from the ŠKODA Original Accessories range is indispensable. The shovel is lightweight, practical and resistant. By pressing the pins on the shaft, the three parts instantly collapse into one another. Pressing the pins again allows you to extend the shaft again. Made from aluminium alloy, it features a powder coating to prevent the snow from sticking to the shovel. The hardened plastic handle can be gripped securely, does not feel cold to the touch and is resistant to frost.
The shovel can be configured in three different ways for use:
- With the handle aligned with the shovel blade and the shaft collapsed,
- With the handle aligned with the shovel blade and the shaft fully extended,
- With the handle at 90° to the shovel blade and the shaft partially extended.
When the shovel is not in use, it must always be collapsed, placed in a waterproof transportation bag and stored in the netting system in the luggage compartment.
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Material: Aluminium alloy + hardened plastic
Color: Silver / green / black
Instalation time: 20 TU
Set contents:
Foldable snow shovel, transport bag, fitting instructions.
Shaft fully extended (ready for use) – 90 cm; shaft collapsed (in the bag) – 40 cm.
Conventional cleaning agents.
Guarantee: 24 months.
Does not apply to signs of normal wear and tear.
Weight: 0.75 kg

Foldable snow shovel

SKU: 5L0099320
60,50 €Price
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