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Glass bottle made of double-walled glass with a capacity of 500 ml. The bamboo lid seals the bottle perfectly. Tea or fruit can be pressed on a stainless steel sieve. The neoprene cover keeps the drink at the optimal temperature and also protects the bottle. The bottle and cap are completely harmless to health. Not suitable for dishwashers and microwave ovens. Glass resistant to 100 ° C. ŠKODA logo on the bottle and on the cover. Material: bottle - borosilicate glass, lid - bamboo, internal strainer - SS304 stainless steel, sleeve - neoprene. Capacity: 500 ml Dimensions: bottle - 24.5 x ø7 cm, sleeve - 22 x ø7 cm

Glass Water Bottle 0,75 l

SKU: 000050309G
21,17 €Price
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