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The hub covers from the Škoda Genuine Accessories range enhance the aesthetics of „normal“ steel wheels, giving the vehicle a more elegant look. The hub covers protect the steel wheels from the effects of the weather and from mechanical damage, while at the same time ensuring that sufficient air enters to cool the brakes. They are made from very stiff, strong, durable plastic. To make cleaning easy, they are surface-treated with durable paint that does not flake or peel. The hub covers undergo rigorous testing by Škoda, which includes testing for weather resistance, material durability and strength.The hub covers are easy to attach. Simply position the hub cover with the cut-out over the tyre valve, and then use your hand to push down on the cover all around the edge until it has clipped into place properly. When using anti-theft wheel bolts, the anti-theft wheel bolt must be placed near the symbol marked on the back of the hub cover.

Hub covers Indus 14"

SKU: 1ST071454C
74,62 €Price
  • Plastic

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