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iV Universal Charger
Quick and easy charging straight from the electric outlet is made possible by the iV Universal Charger from the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories range. This allows you to make use of even more of your electric vehicle’s advantages: on top of the environmentally friendly and economical operation, you can charge it almost anywhere, be it at home, at work or at your vacation home. The ergonomic handle allows for easy manipulation and you can monitor the charging status on the dashboard of your car.
The iV Universal Charger 7.2 kW is designed for home charging using either a 230 V industrial outlet or common EU household outlet. Using the red adapter for industrial 230 V/32 A outlet enables you to charge at the maximum speed of 7.2 kW, and using the home outlet adapter makes it possible to charge at 2.3 kW.
The iV Universal Charger consists of three parts:
- 7.2 kW integrated charging cable, fits the car’s charging port
- 32 A / 230 V industrial adapter, charging speed up to 7.2 kW
- home adapter for common 220 V outlet
To easily store the cables in the boot of your car, you can order a special charging cable case 000 087 317BQ which protects them from dust or damage. When going abroad, it is advisable to check whether the cable is suitable for charging in a given country, or use the proper adapter.
You can also order adapters for various countries:
Norway/Finland - 7PP 971 678 DF
Switzerland - 7PP 971 678 BK
Great Britain - 7PP 971 678 BL
Italy - 7PP 971 678 CA
Denmark - 7PP 971 678 DK
You will find a detailed description of the iV Universal Charger in the car’s owner’s manual.
Associated products:
Charging port cover 5LA 054 410
iV Universal Charger 000 054 412P
Charging cable case 000 087 317BQ
Charging cable cleaner 000 096 150F
Material: Metal, plastic, rubber
Color: Black/grey/blue
Set contents: Integrated charging cable 7.2 kW, industrial adapter, home adapter.
Technical specifications:
- power output: 7.2 kW,
- charging: 1-phase 32A,
- voltage: 220 V/230 V,
- current: 10 A/32 A,
- car connector: Typ 2,
- charging connector: standard EU outlet, industrial outlet 230 V/32 A
- Type of protection: IP55 (NEMA3)
- Overvoltage category: II
- Integrated residual current device: Typ A (30 mA) + ss.: 6 mA
- Protection class: I
- cable overall length approx. 6 m.
Maintenance: Maintenance free - if necessary, wipe the charging cable with dry or slightly wet cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners, waxes or chemical solvents.
Guarantee: 24 months
Recommendation - regular checking by qualified service technician.
Weight: 3.5 kg

iV Universal Charger

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