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Plastic boot dish
The protective luggage-compartment mat is a practical addition to your vehicle. This makes it much easier to distribute the items to be transported (sports equipment, blocks of wood, everyday consumer goods) and helps to keep the luggage compartment clean. The mat is shaped to match the luggage compartment exactly, is lightweight, resistant to chemicals and easy to maintain. It is easy to insert into the luggage compartment and does not need to be fastened in place. This means that it can be quickly and easily taken out, without spilling any dirt into the luggage compartment. The dirt can then be tapped off, or the mat can be cleaned with water and, if required, cleaning agents. The mat is manufactured from high-quality lowdensity polyethylene. When used in combination with the netting system, this practical addition makes it easy to distribute and secure the items to be transported.
Associated products:
Netting system / 5E7 065 110 / 5E7 065 110A / 5E7 065 110B
Universal fixing element / 6V0 061 104
Color: Black
Material: Low-density polyethylene
Instalation time: 20 TUs
Limitations: For ŠKODA OCTAVIA Combi (NX5) vehicles with a solid floor.
Set contents: Plastic boot dish, installation manual
Dimensions: 1006 x 1106 x 25 mm
Fastening: No fastenings required in the luggage compartment
Weight: 2 kg
Maintenance: Commercially available cleaning agent. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or solvents.
Guarantee: 24 months. Does not apply to signs of normal wear and tear.

Plastic boot dish Octavia IV (Basic floor)

SKU: 5E7061162A
54,00 €Price
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  • Common household detergents. Do not use abrasive cleaners or solvents.
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