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The parking sensors are the simple solution for correct reversing. They reduce the risk of colliding with people or objects that are out of the driver‘s line of sight (low walls, railings, or even small children).
Rear parking sensors
- are fitted recessed into the rear bumper,
- do not spoil the vehicle‘s aesthetics in any way,
- are activated when reverse gear is engaged,
- using ultrasonic waves, the sensors calculate the distance between the vehicle and the potential obstruction,
- inform the driver about how much space there is behind the vehicle using an acoustic signal through the speaker and display on the infotainment screen.
A description of how the rear parking sensors work, detailed information on how to use them and a visual representation of the area monitored can be found in the Owner‘s Manual – see the „Parking aid“ section in the „Assist systems“ chapter.
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Installation time: 380 TUs + TUs in accordance with the diagnostics log
Limitations: Not suitable for vehicles with ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control).
Set contents: Wiring harness for the sensor connection on the rear bumper, wiring harness for the rear parking sensors for the vehicle interior, control unit, relay carrier, retainer for the control unit, speaker, sensor (x 4), spacer for the sensor (x 4), sensors brackets (x 4), 7.5 A MINI fuse, protection connector, foam-rubber piece, connecting materials, fitting instructions.
Installation position: In the rear bumper.
Maintenance: Maintenance-free – the vehicle can be washed in a car wash, using conventional cleaning agents if possible. When washing the car with pressurised water, never direct the pressure washer nozzle at the sensors fitted in the rear bumper.
Guarantee: 24 months. Due to the complex nature of the work required, as well as the subsequent activation of the parking sensors (the five-digit task code can be found in the spare parts catalogue (ETKA)), fitting must be carried out by an authorised ŠKODA AUTO service partner.
Weight: 0.5 kg

Rear parking sensors - Fabia IV

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