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Fuses ensure that all electronic systems and consumers in the vehicle work correctly. If, for any reason, there are fluctuations in the power supply and this poses a risk of consumers being damaged, the internal fuse wire fuses, thereby breaking the electrical circuit. For this reason, drivers are obliged to carry a spare fuse set as well as a spare bulb set in the vehicle. Fuses are differentiated using a colour scheme – the colour on the body of the fuse denotes the specific rated current. All fuses show the current in amps (10 A, 30 A, etc.). The fuses included in the set are the same as the fuses fitted in the vehicle as standard.
The fuses are kept in a plastic case with a transparent lid. This is stored in the toolbox in the vehicle‘s luggage compartment. If there is no space available in the toolbox, the fuse case can be stowed in the netting system. When replacing a fuse, always ensure that the new fuse is the same size and has the same rated current as the fuse that has blown. The fuses can be found in the fuse holder behind the storage compartment on the driver‘s side.
Weight: 0.2 kg
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Attention: Not suitable for cars with LED lighting (Basis SBBR).
Set contents:
Fuses - MINI
5A / N 102 615.01
7,5A / N 102 615.02
10A / N 102 615.03
15A / N 102 615.07
Fuses - ATO
10A / N 017 131.11
15A / N 017 131.12
20A / N 017 131.13
25A / N 017 131.14
30A / N 017 131.15
7,5A / N 017 131.18
40A(S) / N 017 131.36
Fuses - JCase
20A / N 911 863.01
25A / N 911 863.02
30A / N 911 863.03
50A / N 911 863.05
60A / N 911 863.06
N.017.753.2 ; N.017.732.2
Guarantee: 24 months.

Spare fuse and bulb set

SKU: 6VA052000A
35,71 €Price
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