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Cooling box – 20 l
Make long trips more enjoyable with a refreshing snack or well-cooled beverage. This cooling box with a volume of 20 litrescan hold plenty of both - and if necessary, it can carry all of your groceries. It provides fast, steady cooling and when connected into the 12V socket, it can maintain the desired temperature for the whole duration of the drive.
In the car, you can fix it conveniently and safely on one of the outer rear seats, using a seatbelt, or you can place it into the luggage compartment. The chunky handle and adjustable shoulder strap mean it can easily carried outside of the car. This will come in handy on occasions like a picnic in the countryside. The cooling box also has two side zipper-closed pockets and a mesh net in front to store small objects (items in these pockets are not cooled).
The cooling box is approved for use in all ŠKODA models.
When connected to an AC power source, the cooling box offers two modes of operation – ECO or MAX. When connected to a 12 V DC socket, the cooling power cannot be altered and the cooling box always runs on the minimum setting.
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Attention: In electric cars and in PHEVs, when the engine is not running, the front 12V socket does not supply the cooling box with power.
Material: Plastic
Instalation time: 20 TUs
Set contents: Cooling box – 20 l, power cable for 12 V socket, voltage sensor, power cable for 230 V AC, user’s manual.
Dimensions: 420 x 300 x 420 mm.
Installation position: On the rear seats fixed with the seatbelt, or in the luggage compartment of a car fitted with a 12V socket. If placed in the luggage compartment, the cooling box needs to be fixed to prevent movement, e.g. with the universal fixation element.
Connect to 12V DC or 230V AC electric source.
When connected to AC, the following functions can be used:
ECO – cooling box uses less energy,
MAX – cooling box provides maximum cooling power.
Weight: 4.2 kg
Maintenance: Common household detergents. Don’t use abrasives or solvents. Dry after cleaning.
Guarantee: 24 months

Thermo-electric cooling box 20L (12v/230v)

SKU: 000065400G
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  • Common household detergents. Do not use abrasive cleaners or solvents.
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