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SKANDI MOTORS is one of the leading and most experienced new and used car dealers and service providers in Latvia. It is experience that allows SKANDI MOTORS to operate integrated both in the cabin, where the customer receives their new car, and in the service, where a professional team provides all maintenance and technical services for the customer's needs. With professionalism, SKANDI MOTORS accompanies the customer through the entire car purchase process, knowing how important and responsible such a decision is. SKANDI MOTORS increases the joy of people who have chosen to drive a car. It is a pleasure to buy a new car, a pleasure to have professional advice, a pleasure to visit a car showroom, a pleasure to have a car repair quality, a pleasure to belong to the SKANDI MOTORS community. "… And the joy of driving" continues this route of joy. Aware of the number of stages in the car purchase process, SKANDI MOTORS understands that the customer wants to get behind the wheel of their car and drive as soon as possible. If it is performed by SKANDI MOTORS professionals, it is a pleasure. It's a pleasure to ride!

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