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To maximise its full capabilities the Charging cable, Mode 3 is equipped with Type 2 plugs at both ends. The electrical contacts are made from solid metal, and the easy-to-use plug handles are designed to safely and slowly dissipate any heat build-up during charging. High-grade materials make this charging cable extremely resistant to severe twisting or bending. And extensive weatherproofing excludes the possibility of corrosion. Secure automatic locking to both the car and the charging point is provided by the Type 2 plugs. The Charging cable, Mode 3 can be used for the day-to-day charging at public and domestic charging points that provide Type 2 sockets with up to 7.4kW (250V, 32A).

Charging cable, Mode 3

SKU: 99631ADE003A
349,00 €Price
  • PUR

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