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By law, car drivers are responsible for the safety of their passengers and any animals travelling in the vehicle.
The dog safety belt from the Škoda. Genuine Accessories range is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who regularly takes their four-legged friend on the road with them. The risk of injury for an unrestrained dog is incredibly high in the event of an accident. Not only this, but in a collision, the dog can be flung forwards through the passenger compartment and injure the passengers. The tensile forces resulting from an impact will be distributed across the entire chest if the dog is restrained. This gives the dog a good chance of surviving an accident without serious injury.
If a dog is strapped into its harness, its movement is restricted and it cannot distract the driver. The harness also steadies the dog if you have to brake suddenly or swerve to avoid an obstacle.
The safety harness can also be connected to a lead, so you can use it to take your dog for a walk or when training your dog.
Size “L”:
belt length on the belly: 23 cm / weight of the dog: up to 30-50 kg
chest size, measured behind front legs: 50–100 cm
neck size, measured before front legs: 64-100 cm.                                                                                                                                               Technical specifications
Product code - 000019409C
Color - Black
Size - L
Weight - 0,74 kg
Package content - 1 piece
Maintenance - Hand-wash in 30°C water. Do not iron, do not dry in a dryer.
Fixing - Pull over the dog's chest and fix into the car's safety belt.
Material - Woven strap, metal fastener and spring hook.
Designed for:
Citigo (2011-2019)
Citigo-e iV (2019+)
Enyaq (2020+)
Fabia I (1999-2004)
Fabia I (2004-2008)
Fabia II (2006-2010)
Fabia II (2010-2014)
Fabia III (2014+)
Fabia IV (2021+)
Kamiq (2019+)
Karoq (2017+)
Kodiaq (2016+)
Octavia I (2000-2010)
Octavia I (1996-2000)
Octavia II (2004-2008)
Octavia II (2008-2013)
Octavia III (2012-2017)
Octavia III (2017+)
Octavia IV (2019+)
Rapid (2012-2020)
Roomster (2010-2015)
Roomster (2006-2010)
Scala (2019+)
Superb I (2001-2008)
Superb II (2013-2015)
Superb II (2008-2013)
Superb III (2015+)
Yeti (2009-2014)
Yeti (2013-2018)

Dog safety belt - "L"

SKU: 000019409C
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