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A functional fabric twin-compartment bag is intended for storage of all the base and traverse roof racks from the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories catalogue. This bag enables transport of the racks in the car luggage compartment or storage of the racks in the garage to avoid their damage. Part of the bag is a pocket for storage of a torque spanner and a key for locking of the traverse roof racks. The bag is made of a black water-resistant fabric and trimmed with a ŠKODA logo and inscription. It is equipped with two rugged handles for an easy handling.
Colour: Black
Material: Water resistant fabric
Fitting time: 20 TU
Dimensions: 1270 x 290 x 190 mm
Contents of the kit: Roof rack bag, user manual
Maintenance: Cleaning of the bag should be performed according to the instructions on the label
Warranty: 24 months (does not apply to regular wear)
Weight: 0.85 kg
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Storage bag for roof carrier

SKU: 000071156
44,64 €Price
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