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Make safety and driving efficiency a top priority, with genuine sensors for optimum tyre functionality. The TPMS kit lets you monitor air pressure levels in your tyres at all times.

TPMS - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

SKU: F2F40AK990
233,00 €Price
  • Technical features and benefits:
    The battery-powered sensors constantly monitor and transmit inflation pressures, tyre temperatures, sensor ID and sensor battery condition, while driving. The system encourages drivers to understand the importance of maintaining the correct tyre pressure and therefore increases driving safety. Any deviation from the pre-set pressure values is immediately communicated. Under-inflation can result in tyre material failures, such as a blowout, or tread separation. Tyres that are under-inflated will have a shorter service life. With TPMS the incidence of punctures is drastically reduced as many of all punctures are caused by inadequate inflation. With TPMS the tyre wear is reduced because the tyre walls of under-inflated tyres flex too much. The higher rolling resistance of under-inflated tyres drives up fuel consumption and emissions.

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